Artist Call!

Artist Call! Because the AVANTGARDISTA 2020 is going to be different! 🖤
It comes as no surprise these days, but we are seeing it as a chance to reinvent ourselves, the shows, the space, the atmosphere. For the first time we are starting an ARTISTS CALL for the Fine Arts.
We want to use the extra space and give it to YOU: Giving you the chance to showcase your art free of charge, making Avantgardista 2020 more artistic, adding even more creativity and talent.
ALL Fine Arts welcome!
Apply now to for more information and a chance for your space at AVANTGARDISTA, October 23-24, 2020!
Artists featured in this post:
The art of Vince Voltage
The Agency for Strange Behaviour
CMB Photoart. Carina Meyer-Broicher
Ferdinand Zander Fotografien