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    AV home shopping part I

    Welcome to the AVANTGARDISTA home shopping, today with the designer benno von stein. Links to the products in the video: Catsuit Lareihna Waist belt Taylia15 Waist belt Byalia Strass Waist belt Taylia 6 Special thanks to ari_nea and Celene Nox

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    Pop-up Store: Fernando Berlin is here

    Heaven for the girls in our AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop this weekend. Santa Fernando is here and he brought all sorts of boots and booties, as well as beautiful gloves. We looking forward to see you 🙂

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    AVANTGARDISTA pop-up shop Munich

    Der AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop in München öffnet diesen Freitag, den 13. November 2020. Das vorweihnatliche Shopping-Paradies mit Outfits, Accessoires, Schmuck und Boots von den AVANTGARDISTA-Designern, Artwork von den AV-Künstlern und jede Menge mehr, auch für nicht Szene affine Freunde und Famile, gibt es anzuschauen und zu kaufen. Wir sind zunächst bis zum 19. Dezember Mittwoch – Samstag in der Zeit von 12 – 20 Uhr für Euch da oder nach Vereinbarung. The AVANTGARDISTA pop-up shop will open its doors next Friday November, 13th. AVANTGARDISTA designers, artists and many more bring ypu outfits, accessories, boots, jewels and gifts – even for the not so kinky friends and family – will be…

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    AVANTGARDISTA 2020 postponed

    See you in 2021! Dear all, we did not want to give up on our event and we think that we had a really good government-approved plan. But we’re also listening to you, the designers and fashionistas, and our gut. And so we’ve decided to not ignore the increasing Covid-numbers, but to show responsibility instead, and therefore to postpone the AVANTGARDISTA to 2021. We want to celebrate a great glamorous event with you, without too many restrictions and without a bad feeling. So we’ll see each other next year, to catch up on everything we missed this year!

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    Designer 2020: Kinky Gum

    A new designer on the AVANTGARDISTA catwalk: Kinky Gum is going to show some rubber styles. 😍 AVANTGARDISTA 2020 Fashion Show Event | Showroom & Shopping | Fine Art Exhibition Munich, October 23-24 2020 #avantgardista #avantgardistamunich #modenschau #fashionshow

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    AVANTGARDISTA 2020 – yes, it’s still happening (at least if we have a say in it). 🤗 It’s going to be different than the previous years, and we’re constantly working on our new, adjusted concept. But it will be great nevertheless. So stay tuned! 😎 Fashion Show Event * Showroom Shopping * Art Exhibition Munich, October 23-24 2020 model: @robinskarpil outfit: @epic_couture_vie photo: @cmb_photoart Styling: @bubuoglou

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    AVANTGARDISTA 2020 Munich

    Munich October 23-24, 2020 Showroom – Fashion Shows – Fine Art Exhibition Friday, doors open 6 pm: Meet & Greet Vernissage Fine Art Exhibition Sneek Preview Fashion Shows Showroom Drinks & Food Shows Saturday, doors open 12 am: Fine Art Exhibition Fashion Shows Showroom Drinks & Food Shows Workshops Seminars

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    Designer Call 2020

    To all the designers out there: We want to give you a chance and opportunity to show your fashion! So if you’re interested in having an AVANTGARDISTA show or showroom, send us an email and we will tell you more about it. ❤️ October 23-24, 2020. Munich. Model: @robinskarpil Fashion: @epic_couture_vie Boots: @fernando_berlin_official Photo: @cmb_photoart

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    In difficult times…

    “In difficult times,  fashion is always outrageous…” Elsa Schiaparelli We hope you’re all safe and well. 🖤 Let’s hope we’re going to see each other in October to see some great fashion. 🙃 model: @robinskarpil outfit: @epic_couture_vie photo: @cmb_photoart Styling: @bubuoglou

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    Passion for Fashion

    This year’s AVANTGARDISTA motto. model: @robinskarpil outfit: @epic_couture_vie photo: @cmb_photoart Styling: @bubuoglou