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Munich Fashion Weekend Preview | The Fetishistas

TEAMWORK: Ian Dutton and Frl Katzentanz return as fashion show MCs at Avantgardista 2018 (photo: Tony Mitchell)

Avantgardista 2018: 2nd Munich fashion weekend grows by 50%.

After a promising launch last November, the Avantgardista alt-fashion weekend returns to Munich in late October for its second annual outing. With some minor schedule revisions and a new partner hotel, Avantgardista 2018 will play host to 30-plus designers (up 50% on last year) and more than 130 models, before Saturday’s Showroom event segues neatly into SubRosaDictum’s Space Intruders party at 10pm. Tony Mitchell’s preview of this year’s programme includes designer galleries and a full list of attending models. Banner image by James Jaeger: Mosh models platform courts by the Custom Boot & Shoe Co…..
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