AVANTGARDISTA 2021 cancelled

We were hoping things would be better this autumn. We were hoping we could party like it’s 2019, even in Bavaria. Sadly, things didn’t turn out this way.

Our understanding of a careless and happy party is something different from what is possible right now: Even by only allowing tested or vaccinated people and if the situation in hospitals didn’t get worse, we had the choice of two evils: Either letting only so many people in that we can guarantee social distancing of 1.5 m or permanently wearing masks at the whole event.

We love AVANTGARDISTA, we love the Fashionistas, and we love the after-show party. Because of that, we don’t want to party under these conditions.

In addition, there’s also an economical aspect. We don’t have any planning reliability. Should the situation turn to the worse, we will not be able to have the AVANTGARDISTA at all, and we would possibly have to cancel with only a few days‘ notice. This would leave us with the bills for location and equipment rent and a lot else without any money coming in.

The designers would be in the same situation. They would still have their expenses for their booths and shows. And last but not the least, everybody who organized travel to Munich and now would probably face trouble canceling their hotel rooms or flights.

We’re looking forward to an AVANTGARDISTA with you without limitations in 2022.

Save the date:

AVANTGARDISTA in Munich, October 21 – 23, 2022.

There will also be a special in January 2022, stay tuned.

Our booth at BoundCon 2022 June 10 – 12, 2022.