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    Pop-up Store: Benno von Stein

    Da designer is in da house We are happy to announce that benno von stein is at the AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop today and tomorrow. He will help you with your Christmas outfit, presents or just have a chat with him in person. Model: Celene Nox

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    Pop-up Store: Dino Sadino

    New week, cool stuff. Those who watched the SubRosaLive on Saturday https://youtu.be/zf0xgu5OQ9E already know that Dino Sadino delivered some nice toys for the AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop  

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    SubRosaDictum Live visits our Pop-up Store

    Hello world, we are very excited this morning AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop. SubRosaDictum live will visit us tonight and stream directly from the pop-up shop. Fräulein Grey has visited Christoph, the guy behind benno von stein in his showroom nearby the Bodensee. And was also allowed the look behind the scenes – right into his workshop. Christian, aka Dr. Hase and CMB Photoart. Carina Meyer-Broicher, will answer questions about the spirit of the Avantgardista live on our couch. Ferdinand from Fernando Berlin has visited his models for the Avantgardista fashion show pre lock down, which had to be postponed to spring 2021 due to Mistress C. And he brought some home…

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    Pop-up Store: Meet Elli and her fashion sisters

    Hello from the AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop. Yesterday I promised Elli to shoot with her this morning. She was complaining about wearing the same outfit for a week, so we changed today Leather beanie by Pohl design, leather collar by benno von stein, latex biker jacket by Epic_couture and a cute tiny vegan leather skirt also by benno von stein. Meet Elli and her fashion sisters @ Parkstrasse 15 in Munich. We are open till 8 pm.#

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    Pop-up Store: The designers

    We couldn’t wait till it was Wednesday again – so we are open. benno von stein Epic_couture YourShape Korsetts Goldpiercingart Jenny Grey Planung & Design CMB Photoart. Carina Meyer-Broicher The art of Vince Voltage

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    AVANTGARDISTA pop-up shop Munich

    Der AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop in München öffnet diesen Freitag, den 13. November 2020. Das vorweihnatliche Shopping-Paradies mit Outfits, Accessoires, Schmuck und Boots von den AVANTGARDISTA-Designern, Artwork von den AV-Künstlern und jede Menge mehr, auch für nicht Szene affine Freunde und Famile, gibt es anzuschauen und zu kaufen. Wir sind zunächst bis zum 19. Dezember Mittwoch – Samstag in der Zeit von 12 – 20 Uhr für Euch da oder nach Vereinbarung. The AVANTGARDISTA pop-up shop will open its doors next Friday November, 13th. AVANTGARDISTA designers, artists and many more bring ypu outfits, accessories, boots, jewels and gifts – even for the not so kinky friends and family – will be…