SubRosaDictum Live visits our Pop-up Store

Hello world, we are very excited this morning AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop.
SubRosaDictum live will visit us tonight and stream directly from the pop-up shop.
Fräulein Grey has visited Christoph, the guy behind benno von stein in his showroom nearby the Bodensee.
And was also allowed the look behind the scenes – right into his workshop.
Christian, aka Dr. Hase and CMB Photoart. Carina Meyer-Broicher, will answer questions about the spirit of the Avantgardista live on our couch.
Ferdinand from Fernando Berlin has visited his models for the Avantgardista fashion show pre lock down, which had to be postponed to spring 2021 due to Mistress C.
And he brought some home stories from the models – so don’t miss how Fräulein Grey is living.
Last but not least – the Dino Sadino of the week.