Passion for fashion

Friday, October 23rd, 2020
Motorworld Building 79
6 pm AV AWARD Vernissage & Exhibition
7 pm Award Ceremony
8 pm Meet & Greet

AVANTGARDISTA The place to be
Saturday, October 24th, 2020
from 2 pm till 12 pm Showroom
with many special guests, performances and shows
Motorworld Kohlebunker
from 2 pm till 6 pm AV AWARD Exhibition
with many special guests, performances and shows
Motorworld Building 79
7 pm Fashion Shows
Motorworld Kesselhaus
10 pm After Show Party SPACE INTRUDERS
Motorworld Kesselhaus/Kohlebunker

Sunday, October 25th, 2020
11 am AWARD Exhibition & Finissage
with many special guests, performances and shows
Motorworld Building 79


Designers 2019

MASKandCO (Neuschönburg, Germany), benno von stein (Stockach, Germany), Damaris Luhn (Griesheim, Germany), Ero Chains (Neuhaus, Germany), Etere (Brest, Belarus), Fernando Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Fetish Fantaisies (Chamboeuf, France), Franklin Tavares (Tel Aviv, Israel ), GlanzGlück (Vienna, Austria), GoldPiercingArt (Laufen, Germany) Mirija de Pauke Other Dress: Danny Worm, Sedlářství Kairon, Sikra (Czech Republic), Schnittmuskel (Karlsruhe, Germany), The Mystery of Darkness (Hannover, Germany), Rubberik (Vienna, Austria ), Tight Laced (Berlin, Germany), Tourniquet CostumeArt (Tautenhain, Germany), Unartig Shop (Hildrizhausen, Germany), Yourshape (Hattingen, Germany)
Designers 2019

Vince Voltage

Prepare yourself for this year's great photography exhibition by @the_art_of_vince_voltage 

28. October 2019


Next designer in line: Mpicsmedia

24. October 2019


Another designer for this year's fashion shows: @rubberik.latexmanufacture

17. October 2019


Happy that @paula_glanzglueck will do another show 

9. October 2019

Benno von Stein

Some more information about our designer @bennovonstein

26. September 2019


We saw his creations at the Czech show and had to bring him to Germany: @dannyworm

17. September 2019


Our next designer: @yourshape_korsett

16. September 2019


@goldpiercingart will display their designs at our showroom 

13. September 2019

Fetish Fantaisies

After participating in 2017, @je.gilibert will join us again

5. September 2019

Mirija de Pauke

@mirija_de_pauke will bring some of her inspiring hat designs 

4. September 2019


Lingerie on the catwalk with @tight_laced_lingerie

3. September 2019


Welcome to @ero_chains  

2. September 2019

Tourniquet CostumeArt

Creative & talented designer @tourniquet_costume_art is going to do a show at this years AVANTGARDISTA....

31. August 2019


Her second time at AVANTGARDISTA: @schnittmuskel

30. August 2019


We're looking forward to welcome @unartig_boutique

29. August 2019

The Mystery of Darkness

Get to know @themysteryofdarkness at this year's AVANTGARDISTA fashion show

28. August 2019

Fernando Berlin

We love the custom made boots and gloves by @fernando_berlin_official

27. August 2019

Franklin Tavares

@franklintavaresofficial is going to join us again after his AVANTGARDISTA show in 2017 

26. August 2019

Damaris Luhn

Our next designer: @damarisluhn she made the outfit of this year's AVANTGARDISTA flyer as well.

23. August 2019

Etere Shop

We're happy to have @etereshop again for this year's AVANTGARDISTA

22. August 2019


With this year’s theme “Life is a party – dress like it.”, the AVANTGARDISTA is quoting Audrey Hepburn.

And this is already the heart of the Munich Fashion Week: the joy of life. Besides the obvious dictates of fashion and its conventions, this slogan shows in the variety of designers and haute couture itself. Apart from classical outfits made of different materials like fabric, leather, latex and everything in between, the visitors will encounter a lot of young fashion designers from the international avant-garde.

Also, fans of the AVANTGARDISTA will meet old acquaintances from the lifestyle scene again. This diversity is the essence of Show Room and Fashion Shows and attracts the public as well.

The organiser Christian Eberle recalls and core statement of the event, which takes place the third time now: “My experience from more than 10 years of being an organiser of scene events shows me: Fetish Fashion and Couture is often displayed in the wrong light. Because Fetish Fashion is foremost the latter of these two: Fashion. It‘s devised, constructed and presented by various creative, versatile, ambitious people. It’s multifaceted, surprising, extraordinary and awe-inspiring like hardly any other fashion direction. Runways of the world are hinting and citing more and more about this thrilling topic and style. Only the ones representing this fashion in the first place are missing there. The scene and the target audience of customers may be small. But the designs, ideas and the phantasy are worth a big stage with spotlights and glamour.

The AVANTGARDISTA wants to provide this stage. We’re thankful for all the people supporting us: Models, photographers, make-up artists. Blogger, journalists, artists. Our team, the whole wonderful crew helping at assembly and dismantling, technics, catering and so on. Everyone who works in the background to ensure that everything works just on point. The AVANTGARDISTA is a heart‘s project to present lifestyle fashion in the proper light it deserves.”

Furthermore, the producer elaborates: “The AVANTGARDISTA is pillared by the vision of creating a stage for designers. To gain attention and the perfect perception. The fundamental basic thought, the connecting element through all steps, is the thought of cooperation. Within the highly professional world of fashion industry, equipped with enormous budgets for presentations and advertorials, such an ecological niche can only be made visible and attracting with the help of combined forces and mutual support.

It‘s our dearest wish to shape the AVANTGARDISTA with this mutual support and collegiality, as well as through the feeling and thought of community. Designers, models, photographers, influencer and organisers are working together and supporting each other, so we can accomplish the maximum of everything for our Fetish Fashion Scene. It‘s not about competition but about cooperation. The AVANTGARDISTA is an event of collaboration and potentials.”

This cooperation already bore fruits in previous years for a lot of small labels and newcomer. Medial awareness and attention is increasing for designers, who are often only One-WoMen-Shows. The engagement and reach on social networks and print media is enormous. Many designers are only known to the public by now due to their AVANTGARDISTA participation. So this concept proves itself long-lasting and sustainable. Beautiful photo galleries and professional videos are providing the fashionistas with input for the fast-forward moving (online) media world.

Besides the art of fashion there will be an art exhibition again as well: Photographer and rock musician Vince Voltage from Stuttgart is heading towards the top of German and international photography scenes.

With his mostly provocative people shootings, this artist wants to rub people up the wrong way. He’s displaying the dirty side of phantasy to the outside world and gains a shocking attention like Robert Mapplethorpe once. This effect is intensified by the aesthetics of photography, contrasting the depicted subject yet again. This results in a Vouge-like appearance of the photographs, whilst the motif plays with dark and secretive passions of the soul.

All in all, the next AVANTGARDISTA is bound to be one of the highlights of this fashion year. Because life is a party and this event shows how to dress for it.