MASKandCO (Neuschönburg, Germany), benno von stein (Stockach, Germany), Damaris Luhn (Griesheim, Germany), Ero Chains (Neuhaus, Germany), Etere (Brest, Belarus), Fernando Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Fetish Fantaisies (Chamboeuf, France), Franklin Tavares (Tel Aviv, Israel ), GlanzGlück (Vienna, Austria), GoldPiercingArt (Laufen, Germany) Mirija de Pauke Other Dress: Danny Worm, Sedlářství Kairon, Sikra (Czech Republic), Schnittmuskel (Karlsruhe, Germany), The Mystery of Darkness (Hannover, Germany), Rubberik (Vienna, Austria ), Tight Laced (Berlin, Germany), Tourniquet CostumeArt (Tautenhain, Germany), Unartig Shop (Hildrizhausen, Germany), Yourshape (Hattingen, Germany)
Designer 2019

Vince Voltage

Prepare yourself for this year's great photography exhibition by @the_art_of_vince_voltage 

28. October 2019


Next designer in line: Mpicsmedia

24. October 2019


Another designer for this year's fashion shows: @rubberik.latexmanufacture

17. October 2019


Happy that @paula_glanzglueck will do another show 

9. October 2019

Benno von Stein

Some more information about our designer @bennovonstein

26. September 2019


We saw his creations at the Czech show and had to bring him to Germany: @dannyworm

17. September 2019


Our next designer: @yourshape_korsett

16. September 2019


@goldpiercingart will display their designs at our showroom 

13. September 2019

Fetish Fantaisies

After participating in 2017, @je.gilibert will join us again

5. September 2019

Mirija de Pauke

@mirija_de_pauke will bring some of her inspiring hat designs 

4. September 2019


Lingerie on the catwalk with @tight_laced_lingerie

3. September 2019


Welcome to @ero_chains  

2. September 2019

Tourniquet CostumeArt

Creative & talented designer @tourniquet_costume_art is going to do a show at this years AVANTGARDISTA....

31. August 2019


Her second time at AVANTGARDISTA: @schnittmuskel

30. August 2019


We're looking forward to welcome @unartig_boutique

29. August 2019

The Mystery of Darkness

Get to know @themysteryofdarkness at this year's AVANTGARDISTA fashion show

28. August 2019

Fernando Berlin

We love the custom made boots and gloves by @fernando_berlin_official

27. August 2019

Franklin Tavares

@franklintavaresofficial is going to join us again after his AVANTGARDISTA show in 2017 

26. August 2019

Damaris Luhn

Our next designer: @damarisluhn she made the outfit of this year's AVANTGARDISTA flyer as well.

23. August 2019

Etere Shop

We're happy to have @etereshop again for this year's AVANTGARDISTA

22. August 2019