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    Pop-up Store: Benno von Stein

    Da designer is in da house We are happy to announce that benno von stein is at the AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop today and tomorrow. He will help you with your Christmas outfit, presents or just have a chat with him in person. Model: Celene Nox

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    Pop-up Store: Dino Sadino

    New week, cool stuff. Those who watched the SubRosaLive on Saturday https://youtu.be/zf0xgu5OQ9E already know that Dino Sadino delivered some nice toys for the AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop  

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    SubRosaDictum Live visits our Pop-up Store

    Hello world, we are very excited this morning AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop. SubRosaDictum live will visit us tonight and stream directly from the pop-up shop. Fräulein Grey has visited Christoph, the guy behind benno von stein in his showroom nearby the Bodensee. And was also allowed the look behind the scenes – right into his workshop. Christian, aka Dr. Hase and…

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    Pop-up Store: Meet Elli and her fashion sisters

    Hello from the AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop. Yesterday I promised Elli to shoot with her this morning. She was complaining about wearing the same outfit for a week, so we changed today Leather beanie by Pohl design, leather collar by benno von stein, latex biker jacket by Epic_couture and a cute tiny vegan leather skirt also by benno von stein. Meet…

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    Pop-up Store: The designers

    We couldn’t wait till it was Wednesday again – so we are open. benno von stein Epic_couture YourShape Korsetts Goldpiercingart Jenny Grey Planung & Design CMB Photoart. Carina Meyer-Broicher The art of Vince Voltage

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    AVANTGARDISTA pop-up shop Munich

    Der AVANTGARDISTA Pop-up Shop in München öffnet diesen Freitag, den 13. November 2020. Das vorweihnatliche Shopping-Paradies mit Outfits, Accessoires, Schmuck und Boots von den AVANTGARDISTA-Designern, Artwork von den AV-Künstlern und jede Menge mehr, auch für nicht Szene affine Freunde und Famile, gibt es anzuschauen und zu kaufen. Wir sind zunächst bis zum 19. Dezember Mittwoch – Samstag in der Zeit…